Three Rules To Implement To Make Your School Mornings Easier

Three Rules To Implement To Make Your School Mornings Easier

Here we are back in the swing of things.  School is in session and activities are on the horizon.  Mornings around our house tend to be the most hectic.  Trying to get everyone dressed, brushed and out the door with full bellies and the correct backpack is a feet with a single child, at more than one in there and it’s madness.  

And frankly, to call it madness is putting it mildly.

After a few years of “winging it” and stressing through the chaos, I instituted three rules in our house during the school year to lessen the mental load that comes in the morning rush.

Rule #1: Pick Out Clothes For The Next Day

I instituted this one as a preemptive measure.  The boys are easy.  T-shirt, pants, socks, underwear and they are done.  My daughter will likely take more thought with her clothing as she grows, if she is anything like her mother, so having this rule and getting her used to the process in advance will save me headaches down the road.

Some families do one night at a time.  I have seen others use these great hanging bins with 5 sections to choose a week’s worth of clothes at a time.  We may implement these in the future.

Rule #2: Pack Backpack And Leave In A Designated Spot

We have a row of hooks inside our hall closet at “kid height” so that they can hang their bags there when not in use.  This is also where they are supposed to leave them after homework for overnight storage.  Since the closet is on the way out the door, it makes it easy to grab it as we go.  I have dreams of updating this closet like one of the fancy command centers or drop zones  I see on IG and Pinterest.  Below are some of my favorites. 

No space for a drop zone in your house?  No problem! Just talk through it with your child.  Choose a designated spot together and make sure that you maintain consistency.

Rule #3: Pre-pack Lunch 

This one was the biggest time waster in my house.  My kids hate a sandwich, so I was constantly scrambling for something healthy and filling to pack their lunch bags with.  By doing it the night before, it’s just moving the aggravation from the morning to the night before. (haha)  Aggravation aside though, it is a time saver because all I have to do is grab their lunchbox from the fridge, add the room temperature items to the zipper bag and go.


What other techniques do you use to make your school mornings easier?

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